Scouts Salute With 3R’s

Another year of Babag National High School’s way of recycling and preserving Mother Earth has been pulled off last September 29, 2016. The Ginoo at Binibining Kalikasan 2016 has been organized by the Science Department of our school with its mission to show the creativity of recycling, importance of ecology and raising awareness of the destruction of our nature.

Some participants of the said activity are members of Girl Scout of the Philippines – Babag Council. A Grade 9 gifted and talented student, Sct. Janel P. Congmon finally grab the crown at the grand finals of Ginoo at Binibining Kalikasan 2016. With her dazzling recycled dress and flawless walk, she have captivated the judges’ eyes and the crowd. The participants have different styles of dresses made from reused, reduced, recycled materials that can be found on our surroundings such as plastics. In this way, we can reduce the land pollution and increase our engagement in maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings.

The program ended with a beautiful quote from the emcee ; “ Nature protects if she is protected.”

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